• Autumn Higgins Ceramics


Note: 2022 was Autumn’s last year at the Mill City Farmers Market. You can keep up with her future work on her website, linked here.

Autumn Higgins creates handmade functional poreclain. The porcelain forms are illustrated with whimsical drawings and observations of her surroundings. Each piece is a unique work of art and a beautiful addition to your table setting.

“Born into a family of artists, my mother a painter, and my grandparents who have worked in ceramics for over 50 years, I understand the importance of art objects in one’s life, and it only seems natural that I go into the art field.” –Autumn Higgins

In addition to the Mill City Farmers Market, you can find Autumn Higgins Ceramics at Gallery 360, Grand Hand Gallery, Anthony Schaller Gallery and various other shows.

  • Autumn Higgins Ceramics Mugs
  • Autumn Higgins Ceramics mugs 2019
  • Autumn Higgins ceramics plate

Autumn Higgins Ceramics
Minneapolis, MN


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