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Melanie Ebertz started her textile and travel business in the Peruvian Andes during the mid-eighties. ArtAndes infuses textile design with Andean travel itineraries, with a mission of preserving both culture and craft.

Textiles: ArtAndes textiles are incredibly complex in technique and rich in cultural heritage. The hand-woven wool rugs are artful to look at, organic in nature & highly functional and durable. Many traditional designs have been reintroduced to today’s weavers through Melanie’s collection of classic textile books, museum visits and extensive historical research. In addition to recreating the historic patterns, the designs are a combination of pre-Colombian, Midwestern and Scandinavian influences! ArtAndes rugs reflect an ancient tradition of expression and human fortitude. Unique and timeless, each rug is a meaningful heirloom, infused with the spirit of the Andes.

Adventure Travel: Since 1991 Melanie Ebertz has designed and led in-depth culture, art and history trips to the Andes. Making life-long friendships along the way, she has brought the experience of deep, intimate exchange between cultures to her travelers.
As a continuation of her life’s work of connecting people to places of significance, she can map out an itinerary for you. Taking your groups interests, combined with her trusted resources, you will have a unique custom designed trip to do on your own time.
Ecuador and Peru are her places of passion! Walk through nature in Ecuador. Cloud Forests, Birding, Haciendas, architecture, and a Galapagos Islands option. Peru covers a vast, in-depth variety of options including archeology, anthropology, botany, art, culture and history. These are two of the most biodiverse countries on earth!

Call Melanie at (651) 230-0560 for more information. Please follow art_andes on Instagram for exciting & last minute updates.

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