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Adam Gruetzmacher is a studio potter working in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In 2010 he graduated with a bachelors degree in Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin to pursue a career as a potter. He spent the following five years at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis where he worked as an employee and a resident artist. During that time he also completed three yearlong fellowships. He has written for and been featured in several articles including Ceramic’s Monthly and Mpls St. Paul magazine. Adam is interested in exploring the intersection of historical hand- making traditions and the aesthetic of utility. He takes pride in making every-day objects that work well and are crafted with care and consideration.


Everything begins on the potter’s wheel. After throwing and being allowed to set up to the “leather hard” stage, the pots are trimmed and/or altered in order to achieve triangulated forms. Handles are “pulled” by hand, or are wire-cut from a wedge-shaped slab of clay, which is sandwiched between two wooden templates. After finishing and drying, the pots are bisque fired and the patterns are applied using masking tape. The piece is then dipped in a vitreous slip and the masking tape is removed. Finally the piece is dipped in a glaze, the bottoms are cleaned, and are loaded into an electric kiln where they are fired to approximately 2,200 degrees F. The pots do well in the microwave and dishwasher, but should not be placed in a hot oven or directly over a flame. Hand washing is always kindest to hand-made pottery.

Adam Gruetzmacher
St Paul., MN


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