Market Watch: Usher in sloppy Joe season with buns from Salty Tart

October 8, 2011

By Rick Nelson, Star Tribune

October 5, 2011

Michelle Gayer wasn’t shy about giving up the secret to the sandwich buns she sells at her new Mill City Farmers Market stand. “They’re full of eggs and butter and milk,” she said with a laugh. “It’s not a classic brioche, but it’s close.”

That’s good enough for me. And obviously others, since the golden, tender, rich-tasting buns are also the product of choice at Tilia, Wise Acre Eatery and other restaurants.

The time for burgers on the grill may be coming to an end, but the appearance of autumn leaves also signals — for me, anyway — the advent of sloppy Joe season (find a can’t-miss recipe at Gayer got on board with that idea and offered a suggestion: A layer of potato chips, nestled between the bun and the meat sauce. “For the crunch, and the salt,” she said. Why didn’t I think of that?

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