Inside the Mill City Winter Farmers Market

January 13, 2016

By Olivia Dropps, Tootie & Dotes

January 8, 2016

We love our local co-op, we really do, but we urge you step away from your local store just one Saturday a month and get over to the Mill City Farmers Market to eat local while the weather outside is telling you otherwise. We saw you there all summer long chowing down Chef Shack mini donuts with peonies and spring peas, so repeat after me, “Yes I can support local organic growers and producers year round”!

Here in Minnesota the farmers market season comes to a grinding halt in early fall. Little do most people know that there are year round growers and producers who continue to shine at a few local markets in the winter. Mill City is one of those markets. The Mill City Farmers Market has long been a favorite of Tootie & Dotes because of its commitment to quality sustainable farmers. We know we aren’t alone when great local chefs are singing the praises of the vendors and are using the market to discover new and seasonal produce vendors. Mill City’s wonderful vendors include a James Beard Nominated Pastry Chef and growers of organic produce that can be found on the plates of the top restaurants in Minnesota. We sat down with market manager Kate Heilmann to get a closer look at the market and learn a little about their fabulous winter market and their vendors.

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