Tomato and Fennel Pasta Sauce

Feast local

July 13, 2011

By Kat Kleugel,

August 17, 2012

We already support our beloved local artists and musicians, so why not extend that same affection to our homegrown culinary artists and artisans — chefs, growers, butchers and restaurateurs? It is now easier than ever to feast ourselves silly with top-notch locally sourced meats, produce and libations.

Why? It’s better for the environment, strengthens our local economy and ultimately gets you higher quality, more nutritious and even safer food. Shake hands with the farmer who harvested your produce at a farmers market, patronize local restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients, and flirt with your neighborhood Sam the Butcher. To celebrate our Midwestern bounty, we decided to throw a locally sourced barbecue and a picnic. And you’re invited!

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