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You Betcha Kimchi was founded by Iman Mefleh and Joe Silberschmidt in 2013. The duo’s vision was to make a tasty Minnesota-take on kimchi, using only local vegetables. They started small, chopping cabbage in their apartment’s little kitchen of and raising some eyebrows of neighbors who were skeptical of kimchi’s fermentation aroma, explained Silberschmidt.

“The project quickly outgrew its pot, so we replanted at a community kitchen in Minneapolis that we share with many exceptional food entrepreneurs. After a year of growing many of the veggies ourselves, we’ve now found local sources for all our vegetables, even our ginger, and have built on strong partnerships with Minnesota and Wisconsin organic farms. We are proud of our product and hand-make each batch ourselves.”

You Betcha Kimchi comes in three “levels of zing,” starting mild with “Minnesota Nice”, medium is “A Bit Nippy” and finally “Uff Da”, which is loaded with Thai chilies.

  • Beef Bowls with Kimchi

You Betcha Fermentcha
Minneapolis, MN


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Outdoor Market
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Saturday, June 26
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