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Steven Read and Jodi Ohlsen Read established Shepherd’s Way Farms in Carver County in 1994, with a small flock of 50 sheep. In 1998 after losing a major buyer, the Reads suddenly had a surplus of milk and decided to give cheese making a try. Despite being one of the only sheep’s milk cheese makers in the U.S. at this time and with help from University of Minnesota researchers, their cheese making effort was a success! In 2001 the couple relocated their farm to Nerstrand, Minnesota to expand into a farmstead cheese dairy.

The farm, which is located just across from the Big Woods State Park near Northfield, has a mission to combine hard work, creativity, respect for the land and animals, and a focus on family and friends. Steven and Jodi believe the small family-based farm still has a place in our society. Everything they do and everything they make, is in pursuit of this goal.

Shepherd’s Way Farms brings a variety of high-quality products to the Mill City Farmers Market from their flock of 200 East Friesan crossed dairy sheep. These artisan products include Jodi’s award-winning small batch sheep’s milk cheeses, wool comforters and pillows, seasonal gift baskets and their 6 and 12-month cheese CSA.

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Shepherd’s Way Farms
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