Made by Liz P

Made By Liz P and Primitive Precision

Artists, Woman-Owned/Co-owned


Indoor Winter Market, Saturday Market

Dates Available

December 14, 2019

February 1, 2020

March 7, 2020

April 4, 2020


Jewelry | Home Decor | Metalwork


Hans Early-Nelson and Liz Parent have many facets to their relationship. Working together as well as individually, they create distinctive one-of-a-kind metalworks. Jewelry, belt buckles, and bottle openers are the kinds of items offered at the market, as well as custom engagement and wedding rings. Design elements showcased are also commonly used as inspiration for larger custom metalwork which they gladly work with clients to create.

Made by Liz P earring display 2019

Liz and Hans source vintage silverware and other material used to make their hand crafted goods from a variety of places. They hunt thrift shops, accept “junk” donations and use both online and local metal suppliers.

As a maker, I love using my creativity to take an old ‘end-of-life’ product and create new, interesting wearable work. My hope is to bring both joy and inspired satisfaction to the sensible consumer.” -Liz