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Since 2017, Lost Capital has done more than refine an old tradition: they’ve started a new one. Guided by a diverse palate, husband and wife team DJ and Anastasia Bocchetti use unique fermentation techniques to create condiments with interesting flavors and textures. Lost Capital makes everything in small batches and to achieve optimal flavor products age from three weeks to three months, making every sauce worth your patience.

Working out of The Good Acre kitchen, DJ and Anastasia are committed to the market’s Sustainability Statement and use local seasonal produce in their sauces. Look for seasonal collaborations with local farms and fellow Mill City vendors including their early summer “Red Handed” cherry, rhubarb and fermented fresno chili sauce made with Well Rooted Teas rhubarb juice and Horners Corner maple syrup.

Why fermentation? When fresh peppers brine in a salt and water mixture to ferment, it brings out a distinctive flavor and loads the hot sauce with “good bacteria”(lactobacillus) from the lacto-fermentation process. Fermentation lasts 3 weeks to 3 months depending on the sauce, and like kombucha or kimchi, fermented hot sauce has been known to help aid digestion and support a healthy gut.

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