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Before Caldo, Americans could only find harissa–the Mediterranean pepper-based condiment–at specialty spice and kitchen shops. Of the harissas available, none were like the authentic harissa from Caldo Foods owner Mona Radouani’s Moroccan upbringing. They were either in a powdered form or watered down and stretched out with tomatoes and vinegar. As the saying goes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.┬áIn 2012, Mona formed Caldo Foods, and began production and marketing of Caldo Harissa in the Twin Cities.

Inspired by the flavors and memories of her mother and aunts’ cooking, Mona decided to bottle harissa and additional family recipes for sauces and dips. Caldo Foods’ product line now includes traditional and smoked harissa, carota and grilled vegetable dips and a chimichurri sauce.

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