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2016 was Birchberry’s final season at the Mill City Farmers Market. You can still find Heidi and her beautiful products at the Minnesota State Fair.

Birchberry Native Arts and Food brings wild rice, soup mixes, maple syrup, exquisitely handcrafted cards and clothing, and other goods from Minnesota’s indigenous community to the market.

Birchberry’s goal is to support the White Earth Reservation members producing traditional foods and crafts, helping these artisans receive a fair price for their products, bringing their goods to a wider community, and sustaining society and natural food traditions. Birchberry works in partnership with Native Harvest, the White Earth Land Recovery Project, Anishinaabe Cultural Center, and individual indigenous artists.

All of Birchberry’s products are grown and harvested on the White Earth Reservation, from the corn grown with heritage seeds, to the hand-woven birchbark baskets. The wild rice (manoomin) and maple syrup (zhiiwaagamizigan) are traditionally harvested by hand on land, stream, and forest that the Ojibwe have been sustainably tending for centuries, using traditional practices of land stewardship.