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äventyr is a Minneapolis-based bicycle bag company inspired by simplistic sophistication and clever design solutions found in Scandinavian and Japanese design. Owner DeAnn Barlow designs and makes a variety of pannier bags, handlebar bags, underseat bags and other biking accessories to promote an active lifestyle for adventurers who “äventyr” on and off the bicycle.

DeAnn and her husband and co-owner Kurt are committed to making thoughtfully and sustainably designed quality products. äventyr chooses small-batch limited release production and slow fashion principles, like designs for all seasons and colors that are timeless rather than trendy. They also support a respectful living wage and honest sustainable pricing for their handcrafted products.
“People might say a little company like äventyr will not change the world and could never upset the status quo. We disagree. We believe that with your help, we can try our damndest to do things differently, and that all of us collectively have the power to make a meaningful difference.” – DeAnn Barlow
DeAnn, an avid cyclist in and out of the city, started her company after frequent biking outings to coffee shops and breweries where it became clear that the options for bicycle bags to take on urban adventures were lacking. She set out to make a bag that not only looks stylish on you, but also on your bike, without endless digging or having to wear a sweaty backpack. Each äventyr bag is thoughtfully designed to allow you to focus less on the ride, and more on the äventyr!

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