Mill City Cooks

Winning Recipes of Mill City’s 3rd Annual Bread Baking Contest!

Thank you to all who entered the Third Annual Baking Contest at Mill City! We had many entries that the judges enjoyed immensely, but the winners really took the cake (so to speak):

Quick Bread Winners1st place quick 2013

1st Place: Abigail Summers – Blackberry Ginger Coffee Cake

2nd Place: Judy Nyagiro – Orange Spice Pumpkin Bread

3rd Place: Zoila Gonzalez – Pumpkin Quinoa Bread

Yeast Bread Winners1st place yeasted 2013

1st Place: Bill Heffron – Baguette

2nd Place: Bill Heffron – Country Round with Olives, Walnuts, and Herbs

3rd Place: Riley Sharbonno – 100% Sprouted Whole Wheat Seedy Vollkorn Bread

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3rd Annual Bread Festival