Mill City Cooks

Tart Apple Canape with Norwegian Gjetost and Sorrel

By Nick Schneider

Gjetost is a goat’s cheese made from caramelized whey. It has a sweet, tangy and nutty
aroma that is unique unto the cheese world. The apple here is lightly poached just so
that the outside is lightly cooked. Sorrel is a bright lemony herb commonly see in spring
but also in the fall at times.

photo courtesy of Mette Nielsen Photography

  • 1 tart apple
  • 4 oz Ski Queen Gjetost
  • 4-5 medium sorrel leaves
  • 1 T. butter
  • splash white wine (optional)
  • salt to taste
  • toothpicks

Start by cutting the apple (do not peel) and the cheese to approximately equal size
pieces that can be stacked or lined up. In a small sauté pan add butter, wine (if using)
and some water, heat to simmering. Add the apple pieces and lower heat to simmer.
Poach for approximately 2 minutes. The apples should only be cooked a little on the
outside. Done this way they will not brown.

Remove apples from liquid and allow them to cool. Assemble by stacking the apple on
top of the square of cheese with a strip of sorrel between. Its ok if the sorrel is
extending beyond the apple/cheese assembly. Try to find baby leaves of sorrel.

Toothpick and serve. These can hold in the fridge in a tupperware container up to half a day ahead.