• Fresh Mexican Flag Salad

By Vanessa Reyes-Romero

Ingredients for 5 to 6 portions:

Lettuce (green), any kind, two small bunches
Lettuce (brown), just a couple of leaves
Cilantro, a small bunch
White cheese, chunks, 100 g (we used Garlic Pepper goat cheese)
Sweet beet, one medium size
Red currants, one cup
Carrot, one medium size
Cranberry Thyme Shrub Syrup, 1/3 cup for dressing
  • Wash Lettuce, cilantro, beet, currants, carrot
  • Gently hand brake lettuce into small pieces
  • Peel beet and carrot; continue peeling carrot until it gets thin that you cannot peel more, hand brake pieces of peeled carrot into small squares
  • Grate beet; mix currants with grated beet.
  • Fine-chop cilantro
  • In a rectangular pan, place lettuce, cover pan with lettuce
  • On the left size of the pan, place small squares of carrots (like if it where the flag stick, or the Monarch Butterflies that soon will travel to Mexico)
  • Then, imagine equally dividing the pan in three parts
  • Place the fine-chopped cilantro into the first 1/3
  • Place the chunks of cheese into the second 1/3
  • Place mix of currants and grated beet into the last third
  • Spread the dressing –vinaigrette- all over the salad
  • Last detail: place in the middle of the pan, on top of the cheese the brown lettuce leaves and a couple of currants (like if the brown was the eagle in the middle of the Mexican Flag)
Where we got our ingredients:
  • Rosemount Farm
  • Singing Hills Dairy
  • Prairie Hollow Farm
  • Heath Glen’s Kitchen
We enjoyed our salad with:

Garlic Basil Lasagnetta, from Sunrise Creative Gourmet

Lasagnetta, one-12 oz bag 
Goat cheese, 115 g
Skim milk, 4 cups
Cilantro, 1/2 cup, fine chopped 

These last three ingredients make the pasta sauce.

Raw Organic Juice, green splash and pineapple passion from Zula

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