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Seedlings Prairie Hollow Farm

Solar-Powered Greenhouse Growing Your Winter Veggies

Mill City Farmers Market vendor Prairie Hollow Farm shifts focus from summer to winter with deep winter greenhouse production for their winter CSA share. By Jenny Heck When farmers market scenery shifts to pumpkins, flannel jackets and dogs in Halloween costumes, many farmers take these cues as time to put their fields to rest and…  Read More

Turkey with Roasted Lemon, Fennel, Cumin & Coriander

Turkey Roasted with Lemon, Fennel, Cumin & Coriander

Need a fresh take on a classic for your holiday meal? This whole roasted Turkey Roasted with Lemon, Fennel, Cumin & Coriander from Market Chef Nettie Colón is perfect for your fresh, local Ferndale Market turkey. Seasoned with warm and bright herbs and spices, it is the perfect centerpiece to your farmer’s market Thanksgiving meal.…  Read More

Corn and Zucchini Fritters

Corn and Zucchini Fritters

Looking to recreate some of the recipe’s from 2021 Harvest Social at home? This recipe from Market Chef Jenny Breen is ideal for late summer and fall harvests of zucchini and sweet corn and pairs beautifully with Chef Nettie’s Trio of Sauces (recipe coming soon). Did you know that we source food for our annual…  Read More

Grassfed Steaks and summer Vegetables

Grass-Fed Steaks with Summer Vegetables

Come to the market to pick up what you need to make this delicious and elegant recipe by local restaurantuer Lucia Watson, featuring sustainable grass-fed beef. This recipe was made in partnership with our sponsors The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota. Did you know your local, grass-fed beef purchases help tackle climate change? Read more about…  Read More

Cauliflower Stem Hummus

Cauliflower Stem Hummus

Many cauliflower recipes call for the florets, but what about those perfectly edible cauliflower stems? Rather than throwing the stem (a.k.a “core”) in the compost, you can make this caulfilower stem hummus for zero waste cooking and a nutritious snack! The stems from one cauliflower head will only make 2-3 servings of hummus, but you…  Read More

Mhonpaj's Garden 2021

Therapy out of abundance at Mhonpaj’s Garden

Growing up on her family farm, Mill City Farmers Market vendor Mhonpaj Lee did not envision herself assuming the business from her parents, but over the years has found purpose and a fitting lifestyle for her own family continuing the legacy of Minnesota’s first Hmong-owned certified organic farm, Mhonpaj’s Garden. By Mecca Bos After her…  Read More

Vegan Baasto Saldaato Chef Jamal Hashi (2)

Vegan Baasto Saldaato

This recipe was created by local chef Jamal Hashi for our Greens for Good food donation program. His recipe for Vegan Baasto Saldaato is a simple take on a familiar dish that highlights the fresh seasonal tomatoes, spinach and kale that are currently plentiful in the free Greens for Good market bags this summer and…  Read More


Regenerative Farming and the Environment

In part 1 of 4 in our Regenerative Farming & the Environment series with our sponsors The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota, our Executive Director Martha Archer joins Ann Mulholland, the chapter director for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota for a introduction to the work they’re doing to support sustainable…  Read More

Grilled Vegetable Tacos

Grilled Vegetable Tacos with Chimichurri

This recipe is made to be flexible. Use the ingredient list here as a template and substitute leftovers or whatever vegetables, herbs or greens are in season at the market–have fun!

Collard Green Wraps

Collard Green Wraps with Vegan Garden Pesto

This recipe is from local guest chef Lachelle Cunningham’s 2019 cooking class at the market. Learn more about Chef Lachelle Cunningham’s catering company and education work at Turn this recipe into your #WeeklyMarketMeal serving with fried tempeh strips or grilled fish, brats or burgers. Note: Vegetables listed in the ingredients for the wraps are…  Read More