Maple Season

Maple Season

April 13, 2018

Originally published in The Journal on April 11, 2018. Cold nights and warm sunny days are when all of us begin to wake up from winter — including maple trees. The trees need freezing night temperatures and daytime thaws for pressure to develop in the tree that makes sap “run” or drip out when tapped. […]

Indigo & Snow Year of Foraging Madder Root

INDIGO & SNOW’s Year of Foraging

March 23, 2018

March 23, 2018 Get ready to be transported into spring at tomorrow’s Indoor Winter Market. Local textilist and MCFM vendor Annabella Sardelis, owner of INDIGO & SNOW, will be debuting her A Year of Foraging collection. INDIGO & SNOW specializes in hand-dyed apparel, and this new collection is inspired by Annabella’s love of plants and […]

Calvit's Sample Pack Shrubs

Shrubs: America’s not-so-new drinking vinegar

March 14, 2018

Originally published in The Journal on March 8, 2018. Let’s talk shrubs. Now, I know there are two feet of snow covering your junipers and boxwoods right now–I’m talking about drinking vinegars. Shrubs are a mixture of vinegar, sugar, fruits and herbs created to be mixed with soda water for a dynamic sweet-and-sour beverage or […]

bringing the pacific to minnesota wild run salmon

Bringing the Pacific to Minnesota

February 1, 2018

Originally published in The Journal on January 25, 2018. Community-supported agriculture, or CSA, is a term now ubiquitous with foodies and local food enthusiasts, but many may be unaware of its cousin — the CSF. Community-supported fisheries take the guesswork and uncertainty out of buying sustainable fish, arguably one of the most confusing food markets, […]

# Bear Oats Steel cut Oats

Dressing up your oats

January 9, 2018

Originally published in The Journal on December 28, 2017. Steel cut oat breakfast bowls are one of the most popular trends for foodies and Instagramers right now, and it’s clear why. Flavorful combinations of seasonal ingredients are also packed with nutrients from the colorful topping down to the base: oats. Steel cut oats (often called […]

Local Christmas Tree

Your Local Christmas Tree is Waiting

November 29, 2017

Jeff Nistler, owner of Maple Plain based Nistler Farms, will once again be offering chemical-free Christmas trees, spruce tops, birch logs and other holiday decorations at the Mill City Farmers Market’s December markets. On December 2rd, 9th, and 16th, you can browse their selection of locally grown Fraser firs and wild balsam displayed outside the Mill City […]

The Abbey Alpaca Ruth

Farm Visit: The Abbey Alpaca Farm

November 16, 2017

A fall trip to learn about a true cottage business November 16, 2017 Nestled behind fields and away from highway 71 in Hutchinson, MN, you’ll find Ruth Kinkade’s alpaca farm, The Abbey Alpaca. Ruth and her farm manager Todd Fries currently manage a herd of 13 Huacaya alpaca, 4 “brothers” and 9 “sisters,” which they […]

KMC kimchi probiotic sippers

Drink your sauerkraut?

November 7, 2017

Originally published in The Journal. A new product is hitting the tables at the indoor winter market—and just in time for a digestive boost during the rich holiday eating season! Adrienne Logsdon of Kiss My Cabbage is introducing probiotic sippers, which are packed with the same health benefits of her lacto-fermented sauerkrauts and kimchis. These […]

Winter Squash

Winter Squash

October 31, 2017

Originally published in The Journal on October 31, 2017. Beautiful orange, blue and speckled green squash of all shapes and sizes are everywhere this time of year—and they’re not just for decorating! Varieties like butternut, acorn, delicata, spaghetti and kabocha are bountiful at the Mill City Farmers Market, which moves inside the Mill City Museum […]


Lentejas: Ancient meal finds a place in modern work week lunches

October 19, 2017

Originally published in The Journal on October 17, 2017. By Meet Your Vegetables intern Karlie Weiler During my semester abroad in the ancient city of Toledo, Spain, I tasted a variety of unique foods that piqued my interest in Mediterranean cuisine. My host mom referred to one of her common dishes simply as lentejas, or […]

Burning River Mediterranean Herbs

Cooking with Mediterranean Herbs

October 19, 2017

Originally published in The Journal on September 21, 2017. By Meet Your Vegetables Intern Karlie Weiler One of the biggest barriers to cooking is the false belief that cooking only counts if you’re making elaborate, gourmet dishes. Some of the best dishes are simple! The best way to create a sense of variety and class, […]

White and prurple eggplant

Eat your colors with eggplant

October 19, 2017

Originally published in The Journal on August 11, 2017. By Meet Your Vegetables intern Karlie Weiler While it’s obvious that the amount of vegetables we eat is crucial, the color of those vegetables is just as important if not more. Eating a variety of colored vegetables provides vitamins and minerals that aren’t obtained from a […]

GVY with cabbage Gee?

National Business Women’s Week

October 11, 2017

October 16 is the start of National Business Week, providing an opportunity to call attention to women entrepreneurs, facilitate discussions on the needs of working women, and raise awareness of the resources available for working women in their communities. We’re highlighting the Market’s women farmers, artists and food makers. Learn more below! Kick off National Business Women’s […]

Organic Field GRant

Organic Field Grant Program

August 30, 2017

How the market community extends beyond Saturday shopping Photo from Neighborhood Roots. Originally published in the Mill City Times. If you’ve ever walked through the Mill City Farmers Market on a Saturday morning, you may notice there is something that distinguishes it from other shopping experiences. Not only do over 120 local farmers and artisans […]

letter from our executive director

Letter from our Director

August 18, 2017

Dear Mill City Farmers Market Friends and Supporters, The Mill City Farmers Market Harvest Social is on September 10th, and we need your support! This event is a celebration of our community and the bountiful fall harvest. It is held in the Mill City Museum Train Shed and features an abundant farm-to-table, organic dinner prepared by our […]