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Super Greens Powder

Do you ever have trouble eating all your greens before they go bad? Wilted greens can be revived by trimming their stems and soaking them in cold water (like cut flowers), or you can simply cook them down and no one would ever know. These two are old standbys, but have you ever thought about…  Read More

Greens for Good: Fresh Produce Drive this Saturday

Anyone who has slept in on a Saturday morning and gotten to the Market late has probably noticed that our farmers don’t usually sell out of everything on their tables. What happens to bunches of beets and pints of potatoes that haven’t sold after a 5-hour Market day? For the past seven years, the Mill…  Read More

Garlicky Greens

Garlicky Greens

Seasoned with maple, vinegar and red pepper flakes, these greens are hot and sweet and great with our Gouda Grilled Cheese Sandwich or alongside scrambled eggs or pork chops from Sunshine Harvest Farm. Recipe from local cookbook authors Beth Dooley and Mette Nielsen’s Sweet Nature: A Cook’s Guide to Using Honey and Maple Syrup.

Greens for Good

Gleaning at the Mill City Farmers Market Originally published in The Journal. “What exactly is gleaning?” is a question with which Nell Gehrke, of the Mill City Farmers Market’s Greens for Good program, starts many of her Saturdays. Her volunteers often guess that it means green cleaning or glamorous cleaning, a la “glamping,” but contrary…  Read More

Spring Greens with Miso Maple Dressing

Minnesota Grown Spring Greens

Originally published in The Downtown Journal on April 18, 2017. It is springtime in Minnesota, and even though it was snowing last week, farmers across the state have lots of greens and other vegetables to bring to the city! Many farmers beat the weather by planting crops in greenhouses as early as February to harvest…  Read More

Fresh Greens to Brighten Winter Blues

Where to find Minnesota-grown fresh greens in the heart of winter. Originally published in the January 24, 2017 edition of The Journal Nothing brings a smile to my face in the middle of winter like a plate full of fresh locally grown greens. At the Mill City Farmers Market’s winter market last Saturday, farmers unloaded bunches…  Read More