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Cooking Dry Beans

When you replace canned beans with dried beans from the Mill City Farmers Market you’re supporting local and sustainable farmers, reducing packaging waste and saving money all while getting a fresher, higher quality food compared to canned beans. The trick is knowing how to cook them–and if you can boil water, you can cook dried…  Read More

Quinoa and White Beans with Berry Dressing

by Jenny Breen, author of “Cooking up the Good Life” Quinoa is a fantastic addition to the whole grain repertoire. Although it is an ancient grain, it has recently become popular in the natural foods community. It is highly nutritious—a complete protein by itself, cooks quickly—in about 18 minutes, and is incredibly versatile—delicious with beans,…  Read More

Seasonal Market Salad

This is a Market Salad in the truest sense. Only the dressing ingredients are not from the market. The idea is to use whatever is available, and not rely on lettuce as the foundation for the salad. This time of year (summer) offers hearty vegetables and proteins (legumes, meat, and there are local tofu, tempeh,…  Read More

Curried Potato Salad with Seasonal Vegetables

by Community Cooking with Kate I love potato salad, and this one is always a big hit!  It has huge flavors, and my favorite quality, a non-mayonnaise based dressing! No need to worry about keeping this one on ice, so it is perfect for a summertime picnic or potluck.  This presents beautifully on a big…  Read More