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Kappers’ Big Red Barn is a family-owned and operated dairy in Chatfield, MN. In 2004, after milking cows for decades, Bob and Jeanette Kappers decided to start bottling milk to sell at an affordable price to families in town. Now the couple, along with their three sons Jacob, Lucas, and Ethan, milk 30 cows and sell milk on-farm, at local stores and farmers markets around the state. In addition to whole and skim milk in glass bottles, the Kappers also offer chocolate milk, heavy cream and fresh cheese curds at the Mill City Farmers Market.

While we are not certified organic we certainly understand and embrace the philosophy of keeping cows and soil healthy as opposed to “treating” problems. We have control of our milk from feeding the cows right up to the point of sale to the consumer. Our ration is grass-based but we do feed some grain (corn or barley) year-round. We use low temp pasteurization, and returnable glass bottles. We do not use BST.