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Indoor Winter Market, Outdoor Market

Dates Available

May 30, 2015

June 13, 2015

July 18, 2015

August 15, 2015

September 26, 2015


Art | Candles | Lamps | Ornaments | Purses


Ink Orchard is a surface design and fine art based small company created by Minneapolis artist Kendra G Baillie.

Kendra moved to Minnesota as a teenager with her family from the Philadelphia, PA area. Minnesota has provided a constant stream of inspiration from nature, and the arts. A perfect mix for an artist. She graduated with a BFA from College of Visual Arts, St. Paul, MN in 2000. She began her career as an artist oil painting abstracts on wood panels. In 2006 she wanted to create a brand that blended fine art with fine craft and created Ink Orchard.

Kendra’s warm woodcut printmaking is driven by process and inspired by patterns found in plants, textiles and vintage wares. First each design is sketched out and transferred onto a piece of flat wood. Then she starts carving away all of the negative space. The wood that has not been carved away gets a thin layer of ink rolled onto it and from there printed onto Japanese paper or fabric. Once the paper dries Kendra goes back in and hand paints each print with an oil glaze tinted with rich color. Each piece is one of a kind and handmade in her Northeast Minneapolis studio in the Casket Arts Building.