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HeathGlen’s Farm and Kitchen is a small organic berry farm, specializing in fresh blueberries, heirloom tomatoes and a wide variety of unique, artisanal fruit preserves. HeathGlen is a family farm, run primarily by Dorothy Stainbrook, with a generous amount of help from the rest of the family. While Dorothy has been a mainstay at the Mill City farmers’ market for the past 4 years with her fresh organic blueberries and heirloom tomatoes, the past 2 years have seen an exponential growth in her line of preserves. The nationally award-winning jams and jellies are made in a commercial kitchen on the farm, allowing the berries to go directly from “farm to jar”. Sampling these unique products, many of which are low-sugar and many of which include liqueurs, is the best way to get acquainted with HeathGlen’s farm and HeathGlen’s Kitchen. Visit Tesla (Dorothy’s daughter) at HeathGlen’s booth and sample any Saturday, June through August. You can also get to know us by visiting the farm during the upcoming farm tour hosted by the twin cities co-ops in late July.

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