Dumpling and Strand

Dumpling & Strand

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Pasta | Fresh Noodles


Exceptionally curious noodles. That’s what the Noodlers at Dumpling & Strand seek in every single batch of fresh-made noodles. With cultural tradition and innovative artisan techniques, they make the most exceptional and curious ingredients into noodles with a heavenly taste and toothsome bite. From just-milled organic buckwheat berries in their Asian soba noodle, to new ingredient breakthroughs creating a gluten-free noodle that passes for the real thing, Dumpling & Strand masters combining traditions, techniques, and ingredients.

Dumpling & Strand will be bringing a variety of fresh noodles to the Mill City Farmers Market including: ramen, gluten-free ramen, squid-ink ramen, soba, gluten-free soba, kernza rotini, spent brewers grain pasta, spaghetti, linguine, fusilli, radiatore/campanelle, and pappardelle.

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