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Cherry Tree House Mushrooms

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Cherry Tree House Mushrooms is a mushroom farm owned and operated by Jeremy McAdams. He provides fresh and dried log-grown shiitake and oyster mushrooms and mushroom log kits to local groceries, restaurants and the Mill City Farmers Market.

Growing mushrooms on logs creates a mushroom of unparalleled flavor and firmness, and Jeremy uses no fungicides or other chemicals on logs or mushrooms. In fact he goes a step further: he uses no treated wood or solvents, he uses fully biodegradable plastic bags for incubating oyster mushroom logs, and his packaging is recycled or made from plant material.

Cherry Tree House Mushrooms

Jeremy got his start a few years ago with about a hundred logs in our Minneapolis backyard.  The next year this collection ballooned into other yards and last year he moved the logs to Grow! Twin Cities, a thirteen acre farm in Maplewood.  At Grow! Jeremy continues to raise mushroom log kits, and fruits and harvests high quality shiitake and oyster mushrooms for the twin cities.  See you at the market!



Organically Grown, Certified Organic