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Organic Field Grants

Mill City Farmers Market is committed to the success and sustainability of its vendors and sustainable farmers and food makers throughout the Midwest. The Organic Field Grant Program is an effort by the market to support local farmers and food makers in times of hardship and crop loss or to support farm improvement projects. This program is funded by donations at our annual Harvest Social Benefit and the generosity of our market community. It embodies our commitment to building a healthy, local, sustainable, and organic food economy. We are honored to be able to offer these grants to local farmers and food makers.

The Organic Field Grant is designed to provide funding to farmers and food makers who are working on improving their sustainable farming practices. It includes but is not limited to funding organic certification, infrastructure enhancements, season extension projects, product expansion, technology and improved sustainability of farming and business practices.

The Farmer In Need Grant is designed to support farmers and food makers in time of hardship. The livelihood of a farm or small business can be venerable to an array of unpredictable causes for hardship or loss. While these risks are inherent, this grant is intended to provide support to those who experience extreme hardship.

Loon hoop houseThe Organic Field Grants are reviewed and awarded annually in the spring of each year to affect the coming growing season. The Farmer in Need Grants are reviewed and awarded on an ongoing basis. Grant awards of $500 and up to $5,000 will be considered with the final award amount based on need and availability of funds.

Mill City Farmers Market is committed to the education of its’ community. Therefore, awardees are required to share highlights of their projects, learning’s and successes to build awareness and educate our broader community. Project details from each year are also listed below.

2017 Organic Field Grant Update

2016 Organic Field Grant Update

2015 Organic Field Grant Update

2014 Organic Field Grant Update


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