Heavy Table interviews Amy Goetz of Bramblewood Treats

photo: www.nataliechampajennings.com

A classically trained opera singer, Amy Goetz says she wasn’t “diva enough” to pursue a lifetime musical career. And the owner of local favorite Bramblewood Treats is certainly taking a very un-diva turn this year, voluntarily downsizing her business to take care of her ailing parents — and rediscover her love of getting her hands dirty in the process.

Goetz’s buttery shortbread, based on her Nova Scotian great-grandmother Viola Hadley Kirk’s recipe, have been her livelihood for 16 years. Sold at upscale grocery stores and gourmet foods markets throughout the Twin Cities, as well as various farmers markets, the delightfully dense treats made the transition from her mother’s kitchen to a commercial one years ago when she enlisted the help of a co-packer to produce larger quantities of her family’s beloved cookie. But Goetz found that bigger isn’t always better — the co-packer’s decision last year to use new equipment that made the shortbread more brittle and crumbly led her to discontinue their partnership and re-examine her business plan. Read the rest of this article on The Heavy Table.