Mill City Farmers Market promotes local, sustainable and organic agriculture, farmers and small businesses and access to healthy local foods.

Mill City Farmers Market

Zero Waste

First Zero Waste Market in MN

In 2009, Mill City Farmers Market (MCFM) partnered with Eureka Recycling to become the first Zero Waste Farmers Market in Minnesota! MCFM is proud to be a Zero Waste Market, where all the “waste” generated at the market from food sales, samples and events is composted or recycled. By composting and recycling market waste, MCFM reduces waste by diverting compostable materials from the landfill, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. This program allows MCFM to minimize our carbon footprint, and strengthen our commitment to sustainability. At an industrial composting facility, compostables – food scraps, paper plates, bowls, and cups, and compostable utensils – are converted into nutrient-rich soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. At MCFM, we know that healthy food starts with healthy soil!

Zero Waste at MCFM

Everything we serve you at MCFM is compostable or recyclable – even the cups and utensils that look like plastic (they are actually made of corn or sugar cane)! Instead of trashcans, the market has Zero Waste Stations where customers can compost their plates, cups and food scraps, and recycle bottles or cans. Feel free to ask market staff, vendors, or volunteers for composting directions and find out more about how you can integrate Zero Waste into you daily life!
A special “thank you” to all the vendors for facilitating the success of Zero Waste at MCFM by absorbing the overhead costs of serving on compostable materials.

Get Involved: Volunteer!

Help us educate MCFM customers about Zero Waste! Individuals and groups are welcome and encouraged to participate in Zero Waste at the market by volunteering as Zero Waste Educators. There’s no need to be an expert – every volunteer is provided with an orientation, handouts and information to make his/her shift a fun way to spread the word about waste reduction! Email to sign-up.

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