Mill City Farmers Market promotes local, sustainable and organic agriculture, farmers and small businesses and access to healthy local foods.

Mill City Farmers Market


Mill City Farmers Market was founded in June 2006 by Brenda Langton, whole foods educator, chef and owner of spoonriver restaurant, in collaboration with the Mill City Museum to promote Healthy Foods, Local Farmers.

Our mission is to inspire and nurture a healthy community by building a local, sustainable and organic food economy in a vibrant, educational marketplace..

Founding Partners

John Crippen, Minnesota Historical Society, Director of Historic Sites and Museums
Alex Hoag, Founding Director
Marjorie Hegstrom, Founding Manager
Patsy Noble, Advisor


Seed Money: The Wedge Coop
Design & Branding: Duffy & Partners

Mill City Farmers Market is a 501(c)4 non-profit that seeks funding from local businesses, corporations, and foundations. We also seek funding through grants and individual contributions through our “Friends of the Market” program. The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy is our fiscal agent.

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